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Once (thrice) again: Bangkok
summer palace
Let me see where to start... My last three flights were to Bangkok! Yay!!! And the second one was pure pleasure, no work, holiday together with my husband, for a whole week! It was great, finally I had the chance and the time to see and explore the whole city and also a little bit beyond. It was stressful but also wonderful. It makes such a big difference to spend the time with someone you really love and not just know by chance.

We had a nice little hotel just off Sukhumvit Road, unfortunately in the district where all the sleazy tourists stay to buy and f*** thai boys and girls. That was disgusting sometimes but I had to accept it, it is a vital part of this land and city.

We arrived on the 18th of November and the next day already was my birthday, which we celebrated in a beautiful hostel on the riverside with beer and good food and the most amazing view of the sunset over Chao Phraya river. We promised ourselves then that next time we would go to Bangkok we would stay there...

Our return flight (with Airberlin) was with a very nice collegue of mine and she entertained us quite alot, telling the other to give us anything we wanted. Unfortunately we were still a little hungover from the night before. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: When in Bangkok we really wanted to have a drink at night in a nice little bar, but that was not easy for most bars in our district were, well, not normal bars... So we were walking around and then suddenly there was this red and white old VW-bus in front of Burger King with some tables and stools in front. Music was hammering and two nice girls were mixing and serving cocktails for like 80Baht (appr. 1,60 Euro). It was a miricle and just so charming. From then on we spent all our nights there.
I love Pink Lady and White Russian...

Well, now we are back in good all Germany again and I was in Bangkok on my own working again. It was strange, because I just had been there for a week and it felt as if I had been never away, just Lei was missing and not just one time I felt sad because of that. I did some shopping (easier without husband ;)) and walked through the city on my own, browsed through markets, listened to live music and slept in my ultramodern 5star-hotelroom. All in all a weird experience. Now I am waiting for the rest of the month to pass (I have two Miami flights, one on Christmas) and one another Berlin-Nuremberg-Hurghada-Dus.

Not so good. Anyway, I am going to Leipzig next week to see all my dear friends and it will be so nice...

New York - the real deal!
summer palace
Alright, I am not in New York anymore while posting this but that's just because I was too tired to do so. Reason: I made it downtown this time!!! Yeaaaaaahhhhh!!!
This time there were nice people in my crew who wanted to go and I joined them. We took the train to Madison Square Garden and walked down to Times Square. It was already dark when we left the station and the sight of nighttime New York with its huge buildings and lights everywhere hit me instantly. It was great! We had something to eat and a nice beer just off Broadway b4 we walked to the Empire State Building. It was so late already that there weren't many tourists waiting so we could go up to the top without waiting. The building itself is worth seeing but the view from the top is just taking your breath away!!!

summer palace
Yo, internetcafes in asia are all the same... I am in Bangkok right now and just made it inside before the apocalypsis, meaning heavy, heavy, HEAVY rain. oh, not the same in all aspects, although I am drinking my bottle of pepsi I am not allowed to smoke. the thaisare a little uptight concerning this.
It's my second day here and sadly I have to leave tomorrow morning again, but it's a lot better than just staying overnight or not coming here at all. So thank you air berln for sending me!!!
I did spend quite some time at the dentist here, got two new fillings and a cleaning (but just the bottom row of teeth, because I was fed up with the pain, so I stole myself away, hahahah...) In case you are wondering, I went here because it is cheaper and the quality is pretty good. Hurts the same though.
Just a few minutes ago I sis buy skyblue contacts which also make the eyes bigger, I am looking forward to see what they look like.
Oh great the rain is dripping from the roof onto my arm (Iam sitiing inside!!!).
Alrighty, when it stops raining I am going downtown to my favourite place, get myself a huge mangodrink with tapioca pearls and do some asia shopping, in case it DOES stop raining...
Tonight there will be a little beer and some live music. Love that!

New York
Lei and me
Oh my! It has been a while since I updated last, again!
Well, at the moment I am in New York. From stand by. Pity, BECAUSE:

&hearts&hearts&hearts It is my marriage anniversary today. Yeah, one year of being happily married!!!! &hearts&hearts&hearts

But being away on a special day like this is hard. But I did talk to Lei today. We talked for about an hour on the phone, so glad Lei figured out a way to call me in my room...
It was nice, like in old times when we were still living apart from each other. But now I am kinda lonely. All the more because I forgot my wallet at home and with it my credit and debit card. So no shopping for me this time. No problem, I have been here last week and will be again in about two weeks anyway. :) Seems like my company thinks I should spend all my time on Long Island. Actually I like New York. The only problem with it is, that it is about an 2 hours ride to downtown Manhattan from here and we arrive at 6pm at the hotel and have to leave at 4pm on the next day. So, not much time :(

At the moment all I will do is go back to my room and watch TV, maybe listen to some music and chill out. Sounds nice once in a while. Don't you think?

I am looking forward to this weekend, because I probably will fly to my parents place and have some nice family time.

So long...

honeymoon - part 2
summer palace
On our third day in Hongkong we stayed in the city. We had read about the old trams running all through main Hongkong and decided to do some sightseeing on them. You have to imagin them like those two storey busses that used to run through London, just on rails. Just amazing I can tell you. The streets themselves are really small and those high trams finding there way through them is just so great. We were lucky to get good seats in the front and ran from central all the way to the west first. We got off at some point and climbed some stairs up to a temple in the middle of huge highrise buildings. We walked around a little, bought a snack and a coke and then took another tram all the way back through town to Happy Valley, where the horse-racing course is located. Unfortunately it still was too early for the races so we just had a look around before we took another tram back to central.

The sun slowely started setting and we now took a small bus which went to the Peak, which is the highest point in Hongkong, to expierience what is said as the most beautiful scenery: Nighttime Hongkong from above. There is this path that leads around the peak and we started walking, enjoying the whole of the island in the last rays of sunshine. I insisted on a Starbucks Coffee though, because coffee is always good. Lei thought it pretty funny, me in my little black dress, with a coffee to go and high heels, walking for about 2 hours in the middle of a forest, but he said that I looked like the average Hongkong Chinese which made me happy. It was almost dark when we had walked as far as to have a look on central and we waited until the lights in the buildings beneath us were switched on. It was beautiful, I can tell you. Although we had to walk the last 15 minutes back to the bus in the dark.

Once down in central we took the boat to Kowloon again and just managed to come to the pier when the light-show started. Lots of people were already waiting to see it and it was amazing. Loud music started and all of the huge buildings started to flash in the brightest clours and lasers were awaking the night. We watched in awe and I had to cry a little, because it was so heartwarming (not cheesy at all, well, maybe a little...)

When it ended and I tried to move again I suddenly couldn't anymore, partly because I was tired from walking around a lot in highheels, partly because I hadn't been wearing highheels the day before and so my legs were aching madly (for those of you never wearing highheels: it hurts a lot when you switch back on normal shoes when you are used to highheels, because your muscles became used to them) and I started complaining. Lei once again found it very funny, because whenever I had to walk down steps, I started saying 'ouch' with each step. He somehow dragged me back to our hotel and a funny pirate-themed restaurant there where we had dinner. Yummy! Especially the Mango lemonade...

I am not sure it was this night, but when we watched TV in our room something funny happened. I was so tired and Lei wanted to watch some Chinese stuff on TV. At some point I switched Channels and there was this show on, which was called 'J-Pop on Wdnesdays' (it was on the only Japanese Channel we received) and guess what? My favourite Japanese Band MUCC, which is far from being considered pop, was there, live. I completely freaked out and Lei just decided to fall asleep instantly, because he couldn't listen to my cheering and squeeling anymore. I on the other hand had such a fun time.

Alright, next day: More sightseeing!
First we stopped at a very famous temple in the north of Kowloon, which is supposed to be sooo good for you. We spent an hour there, enjoying the nice architecture, trying to ignore the crowds of people.
Then we went to another fishing town which is famous for it's amazing seafood. May it be as it is, I didn't like it. There were so many strange fish and lots of huge crabs I almost freaked out!! Poor Lei, he soo wanted to have some seafood, but I am just not the right person for it.
This night we had to buy the ferry tickets to Macao, because we had to leave soon. So sad!

On our last day in Hongkong I dressed in my most stylish clothes, because we wanted to go to the most posh place in Hongkong. Stanley and surrounding beaches. That's where all the stars and rich Laowai live. Nicholas Tse just bought a house there as well, but unfortunately (or fortunately in Leis case) we didn't know that then.

Then off tho the rich and beautiful. Our first stop was Deep Water Bay with it's beautiful beach. The sun was so warm that I ran off to the sea, got rid of my boots and stepped in, earning funny faces from all the chinese around. Then we walked in the water to the other side, where we sat down in the sun and watched the ocean and the life guards who were doing some training right in front of us. Lei watched the girls and I the boys, so no problem with that. So glad...
There also was this funny temple next to the beach with huge colourful statues and a bridge which gives you three more days to live when you walk over it. Lei wanted to walk over it without end, saying we could earn some days of sleep at the end of our lifes??? Strange...

Eventually we feared getting sunburned and walked back to the bus which took us to Stanley, the posh town of Hongkong, which is kinda nice, but kinda boring. We entered a supermarket and it felt like London. Lei was so happy because he found some snack (nuts in little bags) and bought lots of it. We sat down at the pier but soon got bored and took the bus back.

That night, we walked through Kowloon, looking at the night-markets, but didn't buy anything there (I am so proud of myself!) But I did buy a cool shirt with lego-superheros on it in one of the many small fashion shops.

Then ...

We ...

... said goodby to Hongkong!!!

I will update on Macao in part three...


honeymoon - part 1
Lei and me
I think it's time to write about our honeymoon a bit. I now have the pictures on my notebook and I am dying to post some of them here.
We had a little trouble about choosing where to go for it. But we agreed (because I insisted) to go to Hongkong. Unfortunately Lei, him being a mainland Chinese, is not allowed to stay there for longer than 7 days and had to get an extra visa for it, which made him hate Hongkong a little beforehand. I on the other side had no problem whatsoever to get in there and stay for a quite long time with my normal China-visa. And getting in there was tricky too because we took the plane to Shenzhen and then the bus to Hongkong over the border and Lei couldn't find his ticket after going through custems which is REALLY required to get on the bus again. He found it last minute though. Oh my...

But once on our way and getting the first glimpses of Hongkong we instantely took a liking to it and it really is a gorgeous and crazy city. It actually looks like a huge stage for some movie and not real at all. I don't know how to express it here. Whereever you look in the city it looks like a painting or lego toys or well, one of the movies filmed there. It's crazy!

Our hotel was in the centre of Kowloon, the busy and lively part of the city where small shops, restaurants, nightclubs and so on are. And it was just a 10min walk to the harbour with one of Asians most beautiful views: harbour, the highrise buildings of Hongkong central districts and the mountain peaks. I couldn't believe how blue and clean the water was and how clear the air!
We walked a little bit around to enjoy the city and found the Hongkong Star walk, which is like the one in Hollywood with stars and hands in the concrete.
I took some silly pictures of my feet and fists over Cecilia Cheungs star, for she is the wife of the hottest Chinese ever: Nicholas Tse. Well, silly me...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, first day...
We decided to take the ferry over to central. We bought a travelcard which is named Octopus. I think this is a pretty cute name for a travelcard, don't you think? We enjoyed our first time on the water and whenever we had the chance to be there we would, preferring this way to cross to the metro.
Across the building which is the convention center lies like a huge turtle in the harbour, watching over Hongkong. I got pretty excited because this is where on of the coolest scenes of a chinese movie ever was filmed (A New Police Story), of course with Nicholas Tse *grin* and Jacky Chan. After that it was time for dinner and some more walking, this time through nighttime Kowloon which is a must-see and then falling into bed dead-tired.

On the second day we decided to leave the city and go to the mountains on one of the surrounding islands called Lantau. We took a cable railway, the biggest one I have ever seen, to the mountain top and then walked to a big sitting Buddha figure next to a monastary there. Although the surroundings were so beautiful it was more like a religious Disneyland than a quite place. Lots of people and high brand coffee shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants.

And for we always have to make good sightseeing use of our time we took the bus down the mountain (yeah, I didn't die of an heartattack) to a small fishing town called Tai-O, which I liked in particular with it's fishing huts, cats and shrines. And not to forget: the public toilets were the cleanest I have seen in my entire life, I couldn't believe it!!! And this inmidst China...
We had such a wonderful time there, it was just amazing, like a honeymoon should be and we were hesistant to leave Tai-O. But we still had some more days to look forward to in Hongkong.

I think I will stop writing here and will update later on with the rest of our honeymoon...


promised pictures
summer palace
Here are some of the wedding pictures!

Shanghai and Wedding
Alrighty, I am back from China. I spent there the last few weeks and lots happened.

First of all there was the wedding. Lei and me married again this time Shanghai style and it was nice, but very hard. We had to smile the whole day for there was a photographer and someone who filmed us non-stop (yeah, my first time acting)and I have to say I just slightly sucked *harhar*. I love the fotos though, really nice.
The morning started quite early and we had to do some rituals.
First of all Lei had to come to me at my parents house (for this is a bit too far away I stayed at his aunts place) and ask for me from my parents.

Oh yeah, both my parents as well as my sister were in China too, they already went there b4 me and did a bit - a huge bit - of sightseeing.

We then went to his parents and had something souplike sweet to eat. And always there were firecrackers. The onces I especially like went 1. BOOM on the ground and then 2. BOOM in the air.

After that we drove in a big nice Mercedes to a fine restaurant and took billions of pictures with everyone of the wedding party.

I am so glad I am a flight attendant because that taught me how to smile over a long period of time.

And then we had our ceremony which included a lot of bowing (which my sister really liked) and me speaking a little chinese. At one point my shoe got stuck into the ground and I was a little embaressed because I couldn't get it out!

Of course eating and drinking (and smoking) is also a big part of a Chinese wedding and so we did, cheering and thanking everyone present.

I also had to sing, but I could take my sister and my mum to the stage with me and we performed "Sah ein Knab ein Röslein stehen" (Yeah, Nicola, it always works with Chinese!!)
But I wasn't the only one, lots of people dedicated a song for Lei and me. I loved it!!!

At some point we and my family stealthed away and had a nice day in the old town of Shanghai including the little garden in there which I really adore.

In the oldtown something funny happened. A girl came to me and asked if we needed a guide and we came to talk a little. She asked me where I was from and if Lei was my translator to which I replied: "No, he's my husband!" And she was very surprised and we all started laughing. So funny!

That evening we went to another restaurant and celebrated some more.

I am glad we had the chance to do this in Shanghai and his family was really happy two.

I will put up some pictures later, because I don't know where Lei put them and he is away!

pain and online check-ins
summer palace
Wow, today was so annoying.

First I tried to clean up my flat and was surprised that my vacuumcleaner had no filter in it. Bö! And for it is sunday I couldn't buy a new one.

Then I wanted to put my chinese language course on my great Samsung mp3 player. I tried to somehow create a new album to find it more quickly (70 lessons which would go on random playing inbetween all my music - nooooooooo!) but it was futile. Couldn't do it and gave up after 1 hour of trying. In the end I tricked that bloody thing and did it with my browser and not with the so brilliant and cool looking Samsung programm. Hope it works.

Then I wanted to check in for my flight to Shanghai tomorrow, but failed. I got as far as to choose a nice seat for the flight to Munich but then I couldn't choose one for the one to Shanghai. So they gave me a middle seat automatically!!! I almost threw my computer to the wall. I tried to to it again, but of course it didn't work. AND I didn't print out my bord card because I tried to do it again. Hopefully they can help me at the airport tomorrow...

Oh, I got a piercing in my ear yesterday and it hurt a lot. I can't sleep on my right side now because of that and I can't dye my hair. I should have thought about that before. Alles Bö! But actually it is really cool looking.

As for the piercing: I think I had to do it because I have to be so normal at work with my uniform and all the girly-girls there, just to get the rocker feeling again. And guess what? It worked! My bass-playing increesed alot. Hahaha... Did I already write that I now learn to play the bass?

4 days off - off to Leipzig
summer palace
Hey! Once again I ave to say it's been a while. A few months have been flying (hihi) by. I could either talk about all long range flights I had now or write down what happened in the last couple of days. Let me think...
I had my four days off and for I will go to Shanghai in March and Lei already is there I had to take care of Dr. Watson. We decided he should stay with a friend in Leipzig which gave me the opportunity to see all my friends again.
So off I was with my cat to Leipzig. The train ride went surprisingly well, he did sleep most of the time, though he was freezing when I changed. - Yeah, winter is here, again! -
I stayed with my friend Johanna and enjoyed her 'WG-life', o name it staying up late, talking, drinking playing games and catching up on our most precious topic: Asian entertainment ;)
On the second day I met up with Vinz and Fied for a coffee. Nice to have done that again!
And...AND...A-N-D: I visited my dear friend Suse again!!!
I met up with her two times and we talked alot. First was Valentine's evening and we had a wonderful girls night with the absolutely brilliant Tv-series "The Highlife" (still giggling) Tuz, what was that about `A looser will be a looser...`, can't remember all of it...
We used our Tuze wireless brain network and had nonalcoholic bubbly and a dreamlike dessert.
The second time I finally saw Elanor and I must say she is the lovelyest little person I know. She is so sweet and clever and she speeks and walks!!! She called me Aka which I prefer to Tante Kakel... It was hard to leave, I can tell you that!
I seriousely hope I can come to Leipzig more often from now on. I miss my friends and I know that Suse is feeling lonely because her husband is working so much and her friends all moved away. Hey Tuz, I am sorry I left you!
Well, I was sad when I had to leave again. And the train ride was awful too. When I changed trains in Frankfurt the ICE was as crowded as the trains going west right after the wall fell in 89 and everyone was in a bad mood and almost violent. One guy showed his indexfinger right in front of my eyes and I felt very intimidated, for I sat at his feet right next to the door and was fraid he would kick me. Anyway, I arrived at home a little late but safely.
And noone waited for me at home, just an empty and dirty flat.


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