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Once (thrice) again: Bangkok
summer palace
Let me see where to start... My last three flights were to Bangkok! Yay!!! And the second one was pure pleasure, no work, holiday together with my husband, for a whole week! It was great, finally I had the chance and the time to see and explore the whole city and also a little bit beyond. It was stressful but also wonderful. It makes such a big difference to spend the time with someone you really love and not just know by chance.

We had a nice little hotel just off Sukhumvit Road, unfortunately in the district where all the sleazy tourists stay to buy and f*** thai boys and girls. That was disgusting sometimes but I had to accept it, it is a vital part of this land and city.

We arrived on the 18th of November and the next day already was my birthday, which we celebrated in a beautiful hostel on the riverside with beer and good food and the most amazing view of the sunset over Chao Phraya river. We promised ourselves then that next time we would go to Bangkok we would stay there...

Our return flight (with Airberlin) was with a very nice collegue of mine and she entertained us quite alot, telling the other to give us anything we wanted. Unfortunately we were still a little hungover from the night before. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: When in Bangkok we really wanted to have a drink at night in a nice little bar, but that was not easy for most bars in our district were, well, not normal bars... So we were walking around and then suddenly there was this red and white old VW-bus in front of Burger King with some tables and stools in front. Music was hammering and two nice girls were mixing and serving cocktails for like 80Baht (appr. 1,60 Euro). It was a miricle and just so charming. From then on we spent all our nights there.
I love Pink Lady and White Russian...

Well, now we are back in good all Germany again and I was in Bangkok on my own working again. It was strange, because I just had been there for a week and it felt as if I had been never away, just Lei was missing and not just one time I felt sad because of that. I did some shopping (easier without husband ;)) and walked through the city on my own, browsed through markets, listened to live music and slept in my ultramodern 5star-hotelroom. All in all a weird experience. Now I am waiting for the rest of the month to pass (I have two Miami flights, one on Christmas) and one another Berlin-Nuremberg-Hurghada-Dus.

Not so good. Anyway, I am going to Leipzig next week to see all my dear friends and it will be so nice...

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Once (thrice) again: Bangkok

A greate escape.......thanks to god

The VW bus cocktail bar thingy sounds lovely! Did you take pictures of it? And please share some of your Bangkok pictures in general!

Don't forget the Noble man next time you're there!

I won't forget him, promise!!! I will upload some pics later, also promise...

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