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Kithan's Reign

- I love hot nerds -

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Quick hotel lobby update
summer palace
Hey just a few words from Nuremberg while I am waiting for my room. It's half past 8 a.m. and I already flew from Berlin to here. Got up at half past three (got to bed at 1 a.m. mind you! - met with a friend for a beer in Neuköln) and am dead tired. Now I am looking forward to a warm bed and a hot shower. I wont go outside anymore today... Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I left my uniform jacket at home and therefore had to walk through the cold with just my dress and a thin cardigan. *cough cough*.

Yay, I just got my roomkey, just waiting for my collegue who wasn't so 'lucky' and has to wait some more. Can't be they leave us waiting for half an hour! At least they gave us coffee and cookies...

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Whisky would be perfect, but we're taking about germany here and not Ireland, unfortunately. Why aren't we having overnight stays in Dublin???

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