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Just before Christmas
summer palace
I just got back from one damn annoying tour through Germany (Berlin, Nuremberg), three days away and just two flight hours I worked. Bah! And it was freezing, lowest temperature minus 13 degrees. I was unbelievable sad the whole time because I had spent the days before in Leipzig with my dearest friends, chatting, cinema (haha, Ninja Assassin with Rain), more chatting, eating and and and. I also got to see the two girls of Suse again who seem to grow alot. So sweet!!! I cuddled a lot with them which resulted in ... tatatataaa: A cold! So now I am sitting at home on my couch and watch the thick snow falling on my backyard and balcony, burying depressing Düsseldorf in pure white. I am alone with Dr. Wats who is very touchy with me at the moment, because he was lonely too. Lei is in China at the moment, coming back on the sixth of January. I just wish I still was in Leipzig, the city of my heart... &hearts&hearts&hearts

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It was not so bad. Just that I am a bit lonely and fed up with work (well not work itself but the people, who are just all the same, shopping, small talk and dumb chatter. I probably never will fit in. I definatly have to leave to be happy again...

And I was referring to your two little girls, but now that you mention it...

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