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summer palace
Answering a request of my dear tuze I am once again updating from abroad. This time - big surprise - it's not from Bangkok but MIAMI. I found out I can access the www free fom the hotel and I have some freetime on my hands, although just a little. We arrived here last night and I was so tired I went straight to my bed watched some TV (Criminal Minds) gulped down a beer and fell asleep. Becouse of the time difference I woke up at half past 5am (mind you I have been to the Maledives just two days ago)and watched a biography about Tom Hanks, although I really don't like him... (Thought of you Tuz!) Then I had breakfast in the sun with my rather uninteresting crew, but fortunatly another crew arrived then, who are on a tour through south America and the US and they are great, lots of people I like, i.e. Hugh, a crazy french guy I spent a five days Maladives stop with last year. So glad... But they went to bed rather quickly, because they spent last night on a flight. So I walked down the road to Publix and bought lots of yummy stuff, mostly tea and fresh fruits, and thought about 10 minutes wether I should buy canned stir fried vegetables going by the name 'Kame' (with a sweet little pic of a turtle on the can, but eventually decided against it. I am so proud of me. But I did buy some high class cat food, for Dr. Wats' birthday is coming up. Hope he likes it... Poor cat, is at home all alone once again. He - like me - surely misses Lei alot (and the sushi fish he always brings home for him).
Although I really don't like coming to Miami tha much I have to say I have a really good feeling today and I would love to roam the city, it's aittle windy and cloudy, not too hot, but I don't have the time, because we leave at 3.15 pm to proceed to Cancun from where we fy back the day after. Not so looking forward o it. And so ... byebye

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You actually watched a bio about Tom Hanks!? You must've been really bored, eh? Be glad I wasn't there, I'm quite sure you would have found my comments to be rather disturbing... ;)

As you know, I'm not alltogether keen about the States, but whenever you write something like that today I wish I could be there with you and roam all these cities! That would be so great!

I wish you a good and rather smooth flight to Mexico and back- talk to ye on Monday!

On a side note- is there anything you can do about these ads above your journal? I thinks it's very annoying to scroll down everytime only to read your first entry. Apart from that- it just doesn't look nice. :/

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