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Unser Star für Oslo
summer palace
Hey, I was bored so I started watching 'Unser Star für Oslo' where Stefan Raab tries to find someone that will sing for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. First of all I am amazed about how good the contestants are. Screw all other casting shows on TV!!! I am so glad that there are actually quite a few people in our country who have talent.
Second: Nena.
It is no secret I am no big fan of hers. Never have been. It became even worse when she had her comeback and acted like a hip teenager despite her age. Today she is sitting in the jury and I can't believe how annoying she is. She as usual speaks like the personification of a sleeping pill. And what she says isn't much better. She talks and keeps talking and doesn't get to the point, any point. Stefan R. directs some sidekicks at her but everytime she fails to get them. As for the third guy on the jury: he just ignores her. The crowd partly laughs at her or openly critisizes her. Well, one can just wonder if that woman is naturally like that or did indeed take something... Sorry for being a little mean, but I can't help it...

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Next time I'll give it a try and watch the show. Is she always in the jury? As far as I saw bits and pieces, there seemed to be a changing jury everytime.

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