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Bamkok :)
summer palace
I am in BKK again and have a wonderful time here, because I have a really nice girl walking around with me. Basically we just shop, eat and smoke - so nothing special - but I enjoy it alot. We can chit chat and laugh the whole day. Yesterday I wanted to show her the sweet little cocktail bus on Sukumvit I go all the time, but guess what! It wasn't there, for the first time! All to soon we found out why: It was a day of some buddhist celebration and nobody was allowed to sell alcohol! Well, we bought lemonade and made for the amusement park at the corner and onto the rollercoaster - and screamed!!! So much fun! Hey now it's time to have dinner, mjam, and then cocktails. *prays the bus is there tonight*

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Indeed, I was surprised too. I will go to Bangkok with you anytime. Just call me ;) I am not really sure you know what you are getting yourself into though...

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