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summer palace
Alot happened lately and like usual I was too lazy to update...

First of all: Ich bin ein Berliner! So to say. Lei and I moved to Berlin in end of May, after a really annoying search for a flat here. Eventually we got a really, really nice and very special one by heavens intervention. The landlord said, there had been over 55 parties that had applied for it. Well, we got it! HAHA!!! *doesnt point with finger, doesn't even laugh, just thinks for herself Oh, das tut mir jetzt aber leid...* :) It's in Neukoeln, but in the nice part, as I always say, with lots of little shops, restaurants, cafes and bars around. It is pretty quiet here, well, most of the time, but when you walk a little you are in the middle of Berlin-life.

And we bought a car, called Tuze-Mobil 2. It's a 2year old silver Skoda Fabia, which is fabulous. I love it. And even Neukoeln said 'Hello' to it rightaway - someone dropped a bucket of wallcolour next to it, now it has white sprinkles of colour all over its backside...

Oh, another thing. I work for Airberlin now. The real thing I mean. The people are great and I have a lot of fun at work. But the schedule is crazy, I am so tired most of the time. Well, couldn't be perfect now, could it? By the way I applied for LTU again, it's just temporarily helping out for 6 months, for Berlin station not DUS of course. Wouldn't have done it then. HAHAHA! I need to go to BKK again. Let's see if they take me!

It's almost Nov again and my 30th birthday is approaching. Suse and Nicola want to come and I am so excited to see them again!!!!! I couldn't get my planned week off from work, but fate helped me once more. One of my teeth hurt recently and it happened that I need a small operation which I scheduled for the 18th Nov so I get my week off after all. I am just afraid it will hurt on my birthday :(

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Tuz- you updated! It's exciting news about LTU, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I thought you'd miss the longrange flights, especially those to the Far East :)

Funny thing with the Tuze-Mobil, sounds like someone tried to reenact that tv ad with the cars and the colour splashing everywhere!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you for your birthday, I only hope your idea with the tooth surgery won't backfire. :-/

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