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summer palace
Ha, I managed to get access to the web here. Here actually is in a hotel at Stockholm airport. I am in this city for 3 nights but I - of course - have to work, meaning flying from here back to Berlin, then to Salzburg and the whole thing back AND the same thing for the next three days. It's ok, but I doubt that I can explore Stockholm, because I have to get up really early everyday and do not arrive until the afternoon. Well, we'll see. It's pretty damn cold here too. It's the 1st Advent after all. Christmas is drawing near. Once again. Oh yeah, last week I turned 30. The party didn't go as well as I had hoped for. Too bad! But I wont forget it that way. Haha, Tuz, thank you for telling me to see it that way... I also had an op on my teeth, yeah: TEETH. Should have been TOOTH, but it looks like they managed to work on the wrong one first. I have to check with the Dr.s again, they didn't tell me. efvhdlifvyoei!!!! But I had like 9 days off in a row, which was nice. It was hard to start working again, having been all cosy at our flat, but once outside I even was a little positively excited. Well, well...

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Wow, those days in Stockholm sound stressful- which is a shame because I bet the city is lovely.

I still feel awful about your birthday and I thought about making up for it by arranging a lovely birthday party for you next year, celebrating 30+1 and having everything as smooth, nice and relaxed as you can wish for. What do you think?

Speaking of- will you come for my birthday in Februar?

The story about your TEETH sounds awful! How could that happen? Did you have surgery again, on the right tooth this time? Or did they do both in one session only they didn't tell you? Hope you're okay again?

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